Juridisk Fakultet UiO

Juridisk Fakultet UiO Faculty of Law, UiO – University of Oslo

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Entra Eiendom AS

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Torkel Njå

+47 926 07 838


The University of Oslo Faculty of Law is expanding into a new building in the city centre, close to its existing location on Karl Johans gate. The new building is constructed from a series of volumes of varying heights with different levels of withdrawal. The concept behind this composition of volumes ensures that the new building knits into the existing structure of the city block it sits within.

"The building faces Tullinløkka, a historical square flanked by other buildings of great importance"

The building faces Tullinløkka, a historical square flanked by other buildings of great importance, such as the old National Gallery, Museum of Cultural History and the existing Faculty of Law.

The entrance is set back from the street creating a formal space in front of the faculty building. This space also leads to a generous passageway through the building on the ground level, allowing public access across the block.

High quality materials such as brick, metal and glass reflects both its important function within the city as well as its immediate historical context. The composition of the façade, its interpretation of classical architectural elements and its rigorous rhythm, makes it a product of its time whilst meeting the demands of todays regulations.

The new Faculty of Law plays an important role in our culture and its future development, as well as in our democratic society.

The new faculty building will enhance its presence within Oslo.

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