Schous Kvartalet

Schous Kvartalet

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KLP Eiendom

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Lutz Volke

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The project Schous demonstrated MAD architects for the first time its championship in tackling large-scale residential development in demanding urban situations.

The old brewery Schous at lower Grünerløkka is both an architect’s dream and worst nightmare. A sandwiched plot in a Norway’s finest urban environments, where strict requirements for both technical solutions and adaptation to existing buildings goes hand in hand with incredibly inspiring opportunities to pursue infill and tailored architecture.

Mad arkitekter started to work with a clear ambition that historically respectful architecture is entirely possible to combine with a distinctive and contemporary expression.

Both what buildings and urban environments concerns.

"The old brewery Schous at lower Grünerløkka is both an architect's dream and worst nightmare"

Life on the ground floor

A special feature of the settlement we had on Schou’s willingness and ability to liberate and exploit the sheltered courtyard for what it’s worth. By opening up for pedestrians and create easy circulation throughout the project, we draw the rest of the city into the quarter. Here are both building shells raised and put on “stilts” and covered adapted with good play areas and clear paths through the area that ensure easy passage for all.

In addition, the program placed below ground, in terms of fitness with large glass facades facing the square, supplemented with grass on the roof so that it becomes a landscape drag to use for both residents and visitors.

That’s how you get the maximum bang of an otherwise tight and dense plot.

Affordable housing

With six floors in functional and tidy building shells enables project Schou a series of excellent apartments in one of Oslo’s most attractive residential areas.

Interest architecturally buildings sirloin and clinical without unnecessary gestures. Simple shape grip, sharp corners or curved covers are pure functions of the requirements of the plot, but beyond this are dwellings designed to be practical, frugal and clarified.

This is good urban residence that is Grünerløkka worthy.

"Dwellings are designed to be practical, frugal and clarified"

A notable exception

While many economic housing projects in the 2000s in Oslo came along with enclosed outdoor space and a dismissive attitude to the environment, Schous is a space the antithesis of this indifferent and exclusionary approach to the surrounding buildings .

We see this as a successful effort to do more with less and battle through character and quality in a demanding environment.

A project that set the standard for a series of urban and housing projects that established MAD architects as one of Oslo’s leading architects.

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