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All architects dream of designing their own home. Some get their wish granted, but only very few with such flair as Mad arkitekter CEO Nicolai Riise.

It is said that the difficult site is the architect’s best friend. Well, it depends on the architect in question.

Villa Riise’s habitat in Jar is so challenging that even driven professionals would hesitate taking on the task of building something here.

It is precisely this type of situations that motivate Mad to deliver at our very finest. Where a steep cliff with challenging solar conditions becomes the basis for what cannot be called anything other than a dream home.

"Villa Riise’s habitat in Jar is so challenging that even driven professionals would hesitate taking on the task of building something here"

Two accurate plans

The house is built on two levels with the Ground Floor situated in the terrain, housing both bedrooms and bathrooms while it serves as a base for the upper floor containing the living room, kitchen and an elegant swimming pool.

The solid plinth lifts the second level off the ground and into the air and light. This secures good sun conditions and a direct access from the living room to the generous terrace, complete with pool beds and a private swimming pool.

This way, Villa Riise have two completely different sets of qualities, with the sheltered and private on one side, and the open, bright and extroverted on the other.

The triumph of the brick

The brick serves as the structural architectural element. Thus the house stands sturdy and well on its plot, and indicates permanence and strength. Also, the material ties together the two different floors, creating a homogenous and coherent expression.

The combination of details in wood and concrete give Villa Riise a subdued and sober expression, where inspiration from functionalism and especially recent Nordic modernism is refined and brought into a contemporary and polished expression.

Right house in the right place

Nestled in a neighbourhood where trees and vegetation were safeguarded during the construction, Villa Riise appears as a house that is at home on its own plot.

This is a hidden gem with no need to stick out its neck in order to get attention. On the contrary, it is so confident about its own qualities that it effortlessly sinks back in an armchair of grass, knowing that it would be centre of everyone’s attention anyway.

A rare successful detached house which is just like Mad arkitekter: Fearless and aggressively taking control of all challenges and turning it into something positive that can be used for own advantage!


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Instagram: @madarkitekter

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