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The city of Moss’ legendary mill is closed, ending a chapter in the city’s industrial history, while at the same time opening vast areas reserved for urban development – which Mad Arkitekter will get the most out of.

If you tap “Oslo – Moss” on the map service on your phone, it will say “57 minutes”. One hardly doesn’t need to say anything more about the potential for development in this city in the county of Østfold in Eastern Norway. But we can add that the train only really use 44 minutes – and that there are solid plans about constructing double rail tracks all the way from Oslo Central station to Halden.

Moss is an idyllic city by the fjord, but simultaneously connected to the country’s most important infrastructure and centrally located in the Oslo metropolitan region.

The next Drammen?

In addition, the city’s main industry, paper mill papirverket providing the characteristic “Moss stench”, was closed down in 2012. This meant that large areas close to the city centre got opened up for residential, commercial and cultural purposes.

The question is clearly not whether the possibility of good urban development is present or not, but if Moss is ready to seize the opportunity. When Mad Arkitekter in spring 2015 was engaged to be involved in further development work, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands and designed an urban project not only securing enough apartments and office spaces, but also connecting the Verket directly with the rest of the city, creating a new and better city centre.

Drammen gave us proof that the value of actively pursuing architecture and urban planning. It also showed that proximity to Oslo does not exclude the possibility that local urban development can take place. On the contrary, Drammen have developed a city that people no longer move to as a last resort – but rather somewhere they settle because they can afford to live in one of most sought after residential markets in Eastern Norway. An entirely positive choice.

"Drammen gave us proof that the value of actively pursuing architecture and urban planning"

Moss’ big chance

A similar scenario is within reach in Moss, by establishing a unified streetscape throughout the site, engaging in strategic densification along the riverside and utilize the blue qualities. Also by focusing on linking the infrastructure with the new district as close to the established part of Moss as possible, we hope to create a robust principle where good individual projects can flourish within a clearly holistic approach.

Traditionally there has been a clear split of zones in Moss, where the river has been a dividing line rather than a unifying factor. We believe it is time for a rethinking and look at the project Verket as a major opportunity for Moss to consolidate the downtown area and collect as much from local qualities as possible.


Rich and diverse

In addition to office and residential purposes, the project consists of cultural facilities with room for educational and sports should there be the right tenants and users for it. Our goal is to create a rich and diverse city, and to facilitate a variety of users and spaces were central key points in the planning of the area.

Yet perhaps the most important aspects to work on are streets, spaces, roads, shared spaces – all in all the city itself. Our aim is to create the right scale and the most customized scales in order for Verket not to be just a collection of individual features, but an attractive destination for all whom recognize the value of urban qualities in their neighbourhood.

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