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A hidden plot became an exclusive and exposed eye catcher.

Architecture is often about the use of restrictions to your own advantage. In Mad’s case, a residential project in Tjuvholmen Allé, the situation regarding the plot was extremely challenging. The only solution was to pull out some tricks to make the building function as intended. How does one create an attractive, visible and characteristic house in a narrow street, where the current plot is squeezed between two exposed corner buildings?

The answer was to work on the façade. Even though there were strict limitations on design and how far out balconies could reach, the architects in Mad discovered that they could use a certain leeway, and this opportunity were exploited completely.

"Even though there were strict limitations on design and how far out balconies could reach, the architects in Mad discovered that they could use a certain leeway"

Stealing the gaze

In Mad’s building on Tjuvholmen, the balconies are recreated into something much more than the average balcony. Asymmetrical placed, graphics on the fronts, and not least an unpredictable angle on the protruding building elements, the facade becomes visible long before you reach the house itself.

Instead of keeping the house anonymous and overshadowed by its surroundings, the building is now catching light, creating a dynamism in the streetscape and combined with Ferrari red details on the Ground Floor, the house manages to bounce off the two neighbours who have all sorts of assumptions to be visible, and is left standing as the building dominating the street.

Exclusively for the rental market

Within this facade Mad follows up with a building that lives up to its expectations. The building houses 49 rental apartments spread across eight floors. The two lower floors create an extraordinary contact with the city, with commercial spaces and gallery activities as the defining programs.

The apartments keep a high standard and is specially designed to reach a very special segment of demanding residents who have specific wishes for both the apartment itself and the association with the surrounding city as part of an urban context in the heart of Oslo.

"The building houses 49 rental apartments spread over eight floors"

Part of Oslo’s future

As a part of the development of the fjord city, Tjuvholmen is one of the newest, most attractive residential areas in Oslo. The contribution from Mad is positive, and it must be said that the project profits from a very good company with Renzo Piano’s Astrup Fearnley Museum and Petter Stordalen design hotel The Thief in the immediate neighbourhood.

Such a relationship makes special demands on the house to make sure it fulfils the expectations on being unique and distinct. All the premises said that it shouldn’t be possible, but the tricks – which can also be called real architectural craftsmanship – was clearly possible anyway.

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