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A facade that people recognize after seeing it once, and the realization of a natural vision: The Egmont-building in Nydalen is one of Norway’s most distinctive offices.

Christiania Spigerverk was one of the industries that held on the longest with traditional industry, not only in Nydalen, but in Oslo as well. Not until the late 90s came a stop for furnaces and rollers, and it was a rich heritage Mad architects would manage when they agreed to develop Spikerverket and give the site a new life.

The assignment was given based on the vision about what was most important to take care of; the very foundation of why the factories once got established here. It was the river with the appropriate greenery that once brought the steel industry to Nydalen, and which should now get a new role.

What provided this was as easy as elegant. A complex of both commercial and residential buildings were laid out as a meandering snake along the entire site, so that sheltered pockets would be formed on both the east and west side of the buildings. This resulted in one urban side with squares and roads along the river, and parks and green gardens on the other side.

"A facade that people recognize after seeing it once"

Solid plans and unique architecture

This plan was important when the first house was constructed. The commercial building of six floors were laid upon a public parking garage that would be extended gradually to accommodate all of the buildings in Spikerverket. The house was named Building H, and had to undermine strict regulations, not only regarding footprint, but also facade, roof-pitches and other technical factors.

Meanwhile it became clear early on that this had to be a very unique building. Egmont was future tenants of the house, and with the desire to gather their divisions in film, comics and magazine publication, they wanted a headquarters giving the company a distinct identity as well as a functional and cohesive workplace.

Presumptuous with a big heart

Mad designed a building where the facades were implemented with an explicit idiom. Angled aluminium cassette panels were used as facade cladding and along with formally similar windows and elegant details like black cover lines, this creates a visually powerful elevation, unlike any other office building.

At the same time, the building is made for the people working there. Large cohesive floors with a good flow and circulation are concentrated around an atrium running through all floors and was early on given the name “heart of the house”, where all public functions and meeting spaces are connected.

"the building is made for the people working there"

The new city

In a rapidly growing Oslo there is no longer anyone thinking of Nydalen like an outskirt. But the district is not yet completed, neither the buildings nor the atmosphere. The Egmont-building is not just a random contribution, but a guide for what one can hope will define further developments.

A vital area where Oslo’s urban visions merge with the new economy of knowledge in the built and natural environment that the citizens truly deserve.


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