Sørenga Block 6

Sørenga Block 6 On the edge

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Sørenga Utvikling

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Karen Selmer

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Sørenga Block 6 combines Oslos’ most extreme roof scape with a courtyard that seamlessly transforms into a maritime amphitheatre.

The projects along the fjord – Barcode in Bjørvika and the expansion of Tjuvholmen, extended the already existing city structure in Oslo, while Sørenga is representing a radical innovation. With a location at the edge of a prior quay, Sørenga wasn’t only separated from other constructions and infrastructure, it was a new settlement which is literally in the fjord, surrounded by water.

In these challenging surroundings, undermined strict regulations, MAD arkitekter were the ones to contribute the realisation of two apartment complexes.

"With a common room for kayaks for all the apartments, it is emphasized that these residential buildings have qualities far beyond a standard partial ocean view"

Thank you for the roof

Sørenga Block 6 demonstrates how large architectural variation there may be over seemingly unsolvable requirements and basic principles. Especially the handling of the roof separates the city block from neighbouring constructions and gives the building a unique character.

The roof is not only a beautiful and visual identity marker, it is also the answer to several architectural and urban challenges. Not only did the angled surfaces on the roof secure optimal sunlight to apartments across all floors, it also made it possible to build roof terraces for numerous residents.

It was especially important to make it possible for a huge building to cater the surroundings and the central park in a welcoming way, where the sheer masonry facades is replaced with a sloped, rich and green landscape.

The Fjord as an outdoor space

With a common room for kayaks for all the apartments, it is emphasized that these residential buildings have qualities far beyond a standard partial ocean view.

Norwegians no longer spend their spare time in front of the TV or between the trees in Nordmarka. Sørenga is the perfect combination of urban qualities and natural scenic surroundings, where all the outdoor spaces have properties inviting to social arenas where people live their lives.

"The roof separates the squared block from neighbour constructions and gives the building a unique character"

Open and identity builder

Architecturally, this block has generous openings and easy passages. In this way the courtyard become a sheltered zone for the residents simultaneously as the urban context and the maritime surroundings are completely integrated into the project.

The block has different materials on the facades to emphasize the outside as an affiliation to the city and to separate it from the residents’ own outdoor spaces. Inside, the facades are coated with white panels with motives from an old seachart from Sørenga, while the exterior is a common Sørenga-brick that gives the whole area a unique character.

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