Sjøgata 27

Sjøgata 27 A summarized epicenter of Bodø

Project information
Hundholmen byutvikling

Project contact

Celia Glanfield

+47 970 01 223

An existing building uttermost of the quayside will be rehabilitated into 5000 m² of culture- and offices, linking the 1. floor towards the ocean to the upper street level of Sjøgata one floor above. The 1. floor is programmed with atelier for artists and space for arrangements and exhibitions. The pursuing five floors are designed for offices.


The characteristic roof shape interprets the former architecture of boathouses in the region

In 1816 the city of Bodø was granted township status due to the strategical location for fishermen to trade their catch.

Two hundred and two years later, the harbor and one of the oldest streets in town still maintain its certain role, but is reshaped for the 21st centuries industries and businesses.


The upper street level of Sjøgata is linked with the 1. floor towards the ocean

The selection of materiality of the project are both environmental friendly and retrieves the history of Bodø. The wooden façade interprets, together with the characteristic roof shape, the history of local architecture of former boathouses in the region. The architecture aims to reuse the existing structure at the plot, both inner walls and the ceiling.

Original water front-visualization by LPO arkitekter, with Mad arkitekter’s project superimposed


Sjøgata 27 is a summarized epicenter of Bodø. Close connected to both urban qualities, and the arctic life. In the neighborhood, you’ll find the new cultural house Stormen, the regional office and studio for the Norwegian broadcasting corporation, the Town hall and the city district Ramsalt, a public area for inhabitants and tourists visiting Bodø. The harbor will be restructured as a commercial marina and pier for recreational use, facilitated with both an outdoor swimming pool and sauna.