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Ocean Industry House Brusquely in Bodø

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Ocean Industry House is planned with clear ambitions for extensive expansions of Bodø and commercial innovations of international excellence.

Take the transformation of Bodø Airport. Add a massive local centralization of Nordland, and mix with a stated ambition to outperform Tromsø on being the capital Northern Norway. Then you have a taste of the context where the Ocean Industry House is planned.

It is known that it often blows unpleasantly in the second largest city in northern Norway, but in recent years a second wind has swept through Bodø’s streets. A wind of change – which in recent years has grown into a storm, aptly exemplified by the grandiose cultural centre “Stormen” that has put Bodø on the map both architecturally and culturally.

The ocean as a natural livelihood

There is nothing better than living for the culture, but it is not always as easy for an entire community to live of it. Therefore, it is important with innovative buildings also concerning business. Industry like Bodø’s case is naturally linked to the ocean the city has on its doorstep.

On this basis, Mad arkitekter are launching the concept Ocean Industry House, an embedded cluster of industry where maritime industry can get the best growing conditions.

Norwegian sea industry is already leading in traditional fields such as aquaculture and shipbuilding. In addition, there is a great innovation in understanding exploitation of biological marine resources and alternative industrial development. How can we strengthen and develop these skills in the best possible way? We are convinced that these communities have much in common and profiting at a location in a communal building that becomes something much more than a building.

"These communities have much in common and profiting at a location in a communal building that becomes something much more than a building"

A powerhouse in the city

By localizing Ocean Industry House as part of an expansion of Southern Bodø, innermost at Molo-rota, we envision a building where the ground floor has a public programme and a public-oriented low threshold with the maritime as a natural theme.

Mad arkitekter has previously worked in a similar manner with Egmont’s relocation to Nydalen and Media City in Bergen. The main idea we bring to the Ocean Industry House, is that those companies who move in will more easily be able to collaborate and exchange competency and skills faced with both national and international competition. In addition, such collocation means that physical facilities that are otherwise impossible for individual companies is being realized for the public good as technical specialty rooms – such as canteen with bar and restaurant facilities, conference or training facility for employees.

Building confidence

Bodø is evolving. There are already some great works from both public and private developers, and with Ocean Industry House as a business idea and urban method, we want to contribute to this positive energy and crank it up another notch.

As a part of a waterfront promenade with new, moderate apartment complexes at its side and a beautiful streetscape under your feet, our ten story building stands out and signalizes that there is someone here who dare to bet a little extra. Because that’s what it takes to be the best.

We believe that in order to be a lighthouse along the Norwegian coast, one should occasionally look like a lighthouse. That is the idea behind Ocean Industry House. A bound signal that this is a city not afraid to show itself, and that the future of Bodø is being invested right now.

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