New Tryvann Tower

New Tryvann Tower A proposal for Oslo's new symbol

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Kurt Singstad

+47 918 03 727

On the hills surrounding Oslo you’ll find a TV and FM transmission tower called Tryvann Tower, built in 1962. Lately it has been used only for transmitting FM-radio, and since the government is closing the Norwegian FM signals the tower is left redundant. Additionally, it has been closed for the public over the past eight years due to lack of fire safety.

The discussion about what to do with the existing tower was first brought up back in 2012 when the City of Oslo Agency of Urban Environment voiced the possibility of building a new tower to replace the old. The discussion is still relevant in the city hall today.

Our design is elegant and bold, placed in the same position as today’s tower. It would be both higher and more spacious than the old tower, offering plenty of room for publicly accessible content.

For instance, a good restaurant, a sky-bar, observation decks, a TV studio and conference facilities. The TV studio could work as the main sports-broadcasting studio during future sporting events in Oslo. In addition, the tower could offer services for people using the forest leisurely, such as a ski-waxing booth, a kiosk and toilet facilities.

Our design is elegant and bold, placed in the same position as today’s tower

We’re convinced that the new Tryvann Tower can be a new symbol of Oslo. It has a unique, prominent position in the urban landscape of Oslo. You can see all the way to Sweden. The tower is also equally visible from eastern and western areas of the city.

A tower deserves a combination of form, content and accessibility that constitutes a positive contribution to the city, an element of beauty in the city’s green periphery as well as a destination for visitors.

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