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Along with Haptic Architects Mad arkitekter reinvents the steading as a typology in a large-scale residential development project that is designed to put Lillestrøm on the map.

Lillestrøm is the last station before Oslo on the train from Trondheim. It is the exit on motorway E6 that allows traffic to unravel when you drive to the airport. It has a football team that has come number 9 in the national league Tippeligaen 20 years in a row.

Obviously, this is both incorrect and unpleasant allegations, but nevertheless, it underlines a point. The fact that this stigmatized town year after year has abused the possibility of its extremely favourable location in the Oslo region and failed to build an identity that is consistent with its potential.

New houses, new typology

With our proposal regarding a development of Nesgata 19, Mad arkitekter along with Haptic try to create a project that reverse this unfortunate trend.

A goal is to provide Lillestrøm with those residential qualities they really want, in a format they did not know existed.

Nesgata 19 is a centrally located plot just east of Norway Trade Fairs, and although this is an attractive downtown area, the site has such a voluminous neighbour that it will be challenging to create something standing out and sending signals that a new era has finally arrived at Romerike.

The situation

Also the possibilities are extra good right here. We read the site as an important link between an existing downtown area and future development areas at Nesa. Today, the area still emerges as isolated and the trade fair as a barrier.

It is therefore extremely important that new and existing connections can be established and strengthened so that traffic flows naturally through the area.

Simultaneously, the nearby waterfront should be drawn into the project and linked closer to the site and become an attractive resource for residents. In this way the plot becomes a blue and green pocket as well as a resource for the whole surrounding area.

"It is therefore extremely important that new and existing connections can be established and strengthened so that traffic flows naturally through the area"

The steading as theme

The most important part of the project is obviously the architectural approach and response, where we want to establish five circular steadings in an open parkland. These are different clusters of houses landscaped around an open, communal courtyard, located in a very ambitious and distinctive circular organization concept.

The steadings will be located in a natural landscape connected by good pedestrian, but the projects will still be imagined as islands with their own character and personality.

We imagine the steadings to both consist of high rise houses, dense and low areas or a mixture of the two. The important thing is that every single building can be customised to suit the environment and that there is variation between the different projects, to avoid a lot of repetition, but instead good residential areas with a distinctive character.

Because we do not design this just for decoration or as icons. We simply believe that this is a way of organizing apartments that match the building’s most essential task; to be practical and satisfying for the residents!

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