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MIPIM is simply the largest international fair for real estate and urban development, and we built a Norwegian stand for the fair that did not shame the motherland.

Every spring, anything that can crawl and walk from the industries of property development, architecture, urban planning and politicians meet in Cannes. However, it is not an explosive film interest in the construction industry that is the cause. In addition to the traditional film festival, the French coastal town received an event that may prove even more important: MIPIM, the world’s largest trade fair for urban development.

For several years Mad arkitekter have been an obvious participant, and it was therefore with great enthusiasm that we accepted the offer to design a stand that would represent Oslo during the festival in both 2016 and 2017.

What is Oslo?

The approach to the project was simple: What is Oslo? we asked ourselves. What is the essence of our city? And how do we catch this and create architecture in micro format from it?

The solution was to build the city. That is, the most important elements of it. With a concept we called “Typical Oslo” we designed a 360-degree panorama where buildings, hills and the fjord are the constituent components.

The result was a curved and enclosing building element that forms a great space inside the exhibition room, creating a clear visual profile of the Norwegian delegation.

Bar and Barcode

While the shape of the wall is defined by the nature, the surface is characterized by buildings. What is more reasonable than to grab the actual picture of the new Oslo, namely the row of buildings in the Barcode project and borrowing motifs from the facades? We took an existing icon in large format for using this in creating a new one in a far smaller scale. The result is nothing less than spectacular.

In addition to wanting it to look aesthetically pleasing, this is also a great venue for all the key features that such an event requires to be resolved. That is, exhibitions, of course. Equally important are the purely social tasks. Such stands are an excellent room for presentations and displays, and not the least: There is a place for informal meetings and social interaction.

With people from the catering company Fuglen in Oslo on the team, it goes without saying that the bar becomes a natural gravitation point – architectural projects in world class are complemented with beverages of the same high standard.

"MIPIM is all about showing oneself from the best side"

Extravagant shape, practical constructions

As a building, the stand is just as simple as the shape is distinct. Plywood, joists and a modular construction makes this easy to produce locally and unproblematic to dismantle and store for later use.

MIPIM is all about showing oneself from the best side and emerge with an open and welcoming nature. We at Mad arkitekter have experienced how far one can come by being extroverted but yet humble when meeting others.

We have designed a stand that will inspire others to understand the value of this procedure.


All pictures by Norwegian Icons.

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