Liagrenden Zoning plan

Project information
BOB Eiendom

Our plan makes way for terraced apartment blocks with a variety of apartment sizes

The construction will be a hybrid of terraced blocks of apartments and apartment blocks that follow the natural terrain on the site. There will be a local network of arenas made specifically for meetings, hallways and walkways in every direction, maintaining a gliding transition between private and public outdoor space. The construction will essentially be experienced as a village nestled on the hillside.

Inspiration for this project was garnered from tightly built urban areas and traditional hamlets where the space between the buildings is as important as the buildings themselves

The composition of two building volumes with a spacious staircase, Liatrappen, in between, is intended to make Liagrenden feel accessible and intimate for outside users and residents alike. To create a greater sense of security for the users of this passage we have chosen to orientate the facades and windows towards the passage, so that pedestrians will be seen.

To make it even more hospitable for the habitants, and to encourage engagement with the local environment of Liagrenden, there will be arenas between the buildings which can be occupied by playgrounds or vegetable patches. Surface water can be used as an enriching element on selected surfaces by leading water to magazines which lead on to smaller pools located in the larger arenas.

The two buildings are designed with somewhat different visual expressions, but with a unified usage of materials in the facades. While each building has its own intrinsic visual and structural identity, the expressions the buildings will be connected with a harmonic and perceptible expression that binds them together into one architectural language.

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An existing building uttermost of the quayside will be rehabilitated 🏗into 5000 m² of culture- and offices in Bodø #architecturelovers #bodø #nordic #madaboutarchitecture #rendering

Instagram: @madarkitekter

The 1. floor is programmed with atelier for artists ‍and space for arrangements and exhibitions 🥂 #architecturelovers #bodø #nordicarchitecture #madaboutarchitecture #rendering #harbour #nordic #arctic

Instagram: @madarkitekter

The harbor and one of the oldest streets in Bodø still maintain its certain role, but is reshaped for the 21st centuries industries and businesses 🛥 #architecturelovers #bodø #nordicarchitecture #madaboutarchitecture #rendering #harbour #nordic #arctic