Kanalveien 90

Kanalveien 90 Transforming the brownfield

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Erlend Andreassen Bolstad

+47 482 91 429


Project K90 – Kanalveien, 5020 Bergen – is a new structure by Mad, located at the former brownfield area in Minde, a quick 15 minute biking distance from Bergen city center. The urbanization in Bergen is rapidly ongoing, and the municipality plans for several strategically placed hubs along the new tram line. As a key stone in these plans, Mad has drawn a project that aims to be a pioneering project for the region. K90 communicates a new set of standards and typologies for Minde, with the ambition that future projects will be inspired to use an equivalent way of programming. This is an on-fill project that creates a stronger and more enjoyable neighborhood.

On the first floors of K90 there will be a mixed program consisting of a kindergarten, library, various shops, cafes and facilities for production. The upper floors will house apartments in diverse sizes. The aim of the project has been to make the structures variable in size to create a scale of urbanization that easily incorporates the existing buildings. The project decreases in size and almost melts into the residential area in the east. Towards the west the structure is planned to be both larger and denser to complement the industries in the new central area.

A straight north - south axis

Minde is located on a clear north – south axis. After the last ice age, Minde was left as a swampland. With time the land rose, making a gateway trough the valley, with important infrastructure as Kanalveien rv 254 that crosses K90 in the front. The new tram line runs parallell to Fjsangerveien E39, and connects the area to the city center. The tramline has two stops in a short distance to K90.

The iconic Martens bread factory

The plot houses the former Martens bread factory, an iconic brutalist structure drawn by the well-known Norwegian architect Leif Grung. Among the other bigger structures surrounding K90 are areas with classical villas to the east which are locally connected by paths and street parking. On the west side there are huge areas of open, asphalted spaces built for logistical operations and large-scale merchandising and industry.

School’s in - media’s out

After the Norwegian broadcasting corporation – NRK – moved out of the factory and into Mads newest project Media City Bergen, the bread factoryis being transformed into a campus. The structures with new open facilities creates a local center facing the streets, and becomes a center point in the agglomeration of K90.