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The traditional Southern city of Kristiansand gets a complete makeover where the best historic qualities meets innovative, urban expert knowledge.

The classic Southern city is one of the clearest urban typologies we have in Norway. With white wooden houses of two or three storeys, built in dense structures – often with an organic plan in the base – it is both a familiar and cherished principle to build a city after.

In Kristiansand this logic is complemented well by one of our tightest city grids, where the grid drawn up by Christian IV underlies one of Norway’s most comprehensive and concentrated urban centres.

Kanalbyen was therefore placed in an environment with significant traditions of how streets and houses can be best arranged.

Something old, something new…

In addition, the site is known across the entire nation as the venue for the traditional Quart-festival, and it goes without saying that we in Mad architects had plenty of references in the immediate vicinity when we proceeded to plan a significant expansion of Kristiansand at Odderøya, a huge islet connected to the centre by several bridges across a narrow strait.

This was indeed the goal of our work. Taking hold of the familiar and traditional and combine it with new ideas to create an urban vision that is just as recognizable as it is innovative.

Different scales, different typologies

Early on it became an important principle for us that Kanalbyen should not be only one thing. We wanted to work with both blocks, detached houses and dense, low buildings. A common feature was an apparent orientation towards the same quayside with extreme proximity to the water and clear focus on maritime qualities.

Facing west towards the ocean and the afternoon sun with the characteristic landmark Kilden culture centre as its closest neighbour and Kristiansand city in its back, the site was simply unique. We wanted to answer this potential with diversity, inventiveness and distinctive architecture.

"Facing west towards the ocean and the afternoon sun with the characteristic landmark Kilden culture centre as its closest neighbour"

Architecture as an identity marker

By cultivating a handful of basic principles we wanted to facilitate diverse and modern architecture. The lowest part is defined by gabled roofs and references to small boathouses and warehouses, while at the same time offering a series of different facade designs and materials.

The same applies to the other types of buildings; unified and genuine ideas as the basic motive, with room for variation.

Together this forms a number of buildings appearing rich and varied yet unified around a customized outdoor spaces. The project is naturally connected with the existing buildings, and not least – in line with the actual name of the project – not a settlement by, but a city in the water.

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Instagram: @madarkitekter

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