Grinden A vision amidst seven mountains

Project information
70 m²
Fløibanen AS

Bergen arkitektforening (BAF) and Norske arkitekters landsforbund (NAL) completed the open architectural competition for a new shelter on Skomakerdiket in Bergen. We didn’t win, unfortunately. Nonetheless, we would like to present our vision for Skomakerdiket – Grinden.

Surrounded by seven mountains, and plenty of tour destinations, Bergen has one destination more popular and loved than all of them, Fløyen. Situated within the forest around Fløyen you will find Skomakerdiket, which exceeds most of the destinations with its many activities, such as canoeing and popular camp sites for barbecues in the summer for students, families with children and seniors. A charming café that can provide that little extra that you forgot to put in your rucksack, or a shelter wishing you welcome on a cold winters day, would contribute to an even better outdoor experience for all ages.

In our dreams, Grinden connects the activities you’ll find in Skomakerdiket, and hopefully creates an expanded approachability and enlarged longing for nature.

We, and many others, are fond of the simple but genius, old west-norwegian vernacular architecture method, known as “grindkonstruksjon”.  A traditional timber frame construction, where junctions are made without using nails or screws. The use of this method would enable us to use local timber, giving the project an environmentally friendly and historic foundation, suitable for the beautiful scenery where the building is placed.

The cafe and the shelter are planned as two separate buildings, connected by a wooden terrace, which provides further seating opportunities. The buildings, both separately and together, would be suitable for rental purposes, such as weddings and other festivities.

"The local stream and rainwater could also contribute to provide water for an array of activities"

Considering the enviromental footprints we leave behind for the future, we envision the energy needed for electricity and warm water being provided through solar panels on the roof. The local stream and rainwater could also contribute to provide water for an array of activities.

Grinden would be a fantastic addition to Fløyen, as we see it, an attractive destination for all ages, with the possibilities of creating memories lasting you a lifetime.

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