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Fornebu Park Hotel Fashionable at Fornebu

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A complete facelift was the end result when the SAS hotel at Fornebu got 70 new rooms and an overall upgrade that simply flies high.

At this moment the proposition Oslopakke 3 has passed, realizing the financing of the metro to Fornebu. This is something most people have been waiting for since the last airplane taxied off the runway at the country’s old main airport. Maybe the area eventually will get the boost it needs.

As a result of alarmingly low utilization, a Statoil headquarters that hit the oil adventure at such a time that it now resembles a large tombstone and the tragic story of Stabæk FC who ended up being kicked out head first of their own home Telenor Arena, Fornebu is literally screaming after some positive events.

"..radical improvement of common areas, outdoor spaces and generally towards the outside world"

Mad was first

Or wait a minute – amidst all the dishonour there are many good ideas and projects out there too; such as Mad Architects restoration project of the SAS hotel.

The existing, basic accommodation facility has not only gained a number of new rooms – we also talk about a radical improvement of common areas, outdoor spaces and generally towards the outside world in terms of good architecture and clever plan work.

This is a project where Mad clearly shows what it is possible to achieve in a location which after all is one of the most attractive in the whole Oslo region.

Bright and open

The new part is built with grey stone and facades consisting of large windows. In this way, light and air are emitted into the building, while at the same time the contact with the fjord and the beautiful vegetation is highlighted and pulled into the project.

In a similar manner good, sheltered outdoor spaces have been established where hotel guests or conference participants can enjoy the tranquil scenery in a location basically in the heart of Norway’s capital.

In this way the inherent qualities of Fornebu is exploited to the maximum.

"The new part is built with grey stone and facades consisting of large windows"

For the future

Fornebu’s future has not yet become what it potentially can be, but it is important that as the public transportation gradually comes, there are many good things to preserve here – individual projects that unfortunately has not been put in proper context, but which do exist.

Mad’s principles and ideas for the SAS hotel is just such a hidden gem that one day it will come forth and shine when the rest of the world finally moves out to Fornebu.

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