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Bodø Airport Airport in the "Mecca" for aviation

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Flying high in Northern Norway’s leading area of growth: Bodø wants to transform the airport landing strip into a city. Thus, the northerners need a new airport, and Mad arkitekter has designed a terminal in harmony with the city’s identity of aviation.

The existing Bodø Airport is becoming Bodø city’s expanded city centre. The government has approved the proposal, and the municipality has since long time ago put up the hashtag and #NYBYNYFLYPLASS – new city, new airport.

In the city with proud traditions of aviation and the venue for the Norwegian Aviation Museum, this does not mean that the area equivalent of 500 football fields will simply be released.

There must also be provided for a new airport corresponding to the identity of the city.

"There must also be provided for a new airport corresponding to the identity of the city"

Beautiful and strong in character

Mad arkitekter designed an airport doing just that – and proposed a simple, yet sophisticated terminal building as a wave in the sea; dynamic, strong and graceful, just like a bird’s wing.

Just like this the planes arriving Bodø, descending toward the ground, will meet a design that will stay fixed on the retina and remain long after the arrival hall is empty.

"Dynamic, strong and graceful, just like a bird’s wing"

Exquisite courtyards

In addition to the building, extensive outdoor spaces are planned, with large water surfaces further underscoring the feeling of this not being just incidental facilities for the required traffic and appearance, but a place of importance and intrinsic value.

We believe that Bodø as a city will be enhanced by the relocation of the airport, although this is a place you arrive at with the famous cruise ship Hurtigruten if you have plenty of time.

In almost all other cases, you land here with a plane, and we have designed a building that is in conformity to this momentous act.

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Befaring på Kjølberggata Nye elementer kommer på plass, og vi starter å se helheten av prosjekteringen😀📸

Instagram: @madarkitekter

Vi bevarer så mye vi kan, for å ta vare på et bygg med mye historie, og nyskapning fra starten av forrige århundre🎞

Instagram: @madarkitekter

@magnuspettersen har vært på befaring i Kjølberggata, @factorytoyen Materialene og strukturene er valgt ut for å stå i kontrast til, og komplimentere det eksisterende bygget. Tilføringene er enkle, med klare linjer og farger, for å skape gode arbeidsplasser for framtiden🏼‍♀️🏼‍♂️ 📸