Norway to be in the World Championship in green architecture

It is exactly these two factors that are combined at DigiPlex Fet in Akershus. A robust project which is a solid boost both for local businesses and Norwegian ICT, and now in the international spotlight with its MIPIM-Awards nomination for “BEST INNOVATIVE GREEN BUILDING”.

It all happens again in March. MIPIM is held annually in Cannes, and has in just few years developed as the world’s largest fair for architecture and urban development. Participants from all corners of the world gather in a couple of hectic days to discuss what and how to build a well-functioning, beautiful and sustainable future together.

And not the least: honouring the best projects of the year.

This is where DigiPlex Fet comes into play. In Fet we have accomplished a project competing for the most prestigious medals in an exclusive heat against grand projects such as environmental organization IRENA’s newly built project in the UAE, or international giant AXA’s headquarters in Brussels.

"In Fet we have accomplished a project competing for the most prestigious medals in an exclusive heat"

Future industry in a future building

The Data Centre in Fet is built by DigiPlex, with the largest IT-services company in Norway, EVRY, with tenants on a 20-year contract. The buildings are designed by MAD arkitekter, and in collaboration with engineers in Sweco the stakeholders have pushed each other in creating innovation on both IT-solutions and environmental building.

The result: The most effective and energy saving data centre in Norway.

To those who wonder what a Data centre is; This is the physical building that stores the things on your cloud, as fast, safe and effective as you expect it to be. We are talking about servers and computers in an enormous scale, which imposes strict demands for both safety and energy efficiency.

The key to success has been an innovative cooling system that removes excess heat from computers and servers by using outdoor air. The modern, energy efficient servers make the centre at Fet one of the most effective and sustainable in the world.

Teaming up with the future

For Mad arkitekter, the project was a journey into the unknown, where both program, different requirements and the project’s physical scope had an ambition level not like anything this country had seen before.

– For us it was about solving a series of technical challenges and coordinate experts from various fields who contributed with expertise that our field could never dream of even possess.

Says Maja Egge Sipus, project manager from MAD arkitekter. She describes a process where the desire to make an eco-friendly building could never come at the expense of general requirements as reliability and usual requirements for a robust project economy.

– What is even more amazing is that we achieved such a remarkable acknowledge like a nomination for the MIPIM awards. But yet, the best is the feeling of being in tune with the future. IT is the new oil, and we are proud to do our part for this to become a green industry, Sipus concludes.

Will Norway get the gold medal? MIPIM awards takes place 15 – 18 March in Cannes, France.