This year has been an exciting year, and recently MAD arkitekter had the honor to make 4 of our coworkers, Kyrre Sundal, Rune Engesbak, Åshild Bjørvik and Jonny Klokk, partners and Bjørvik to the new MAD CEO!

Once a year Mad welcome interns to the office and this week the new interns were mad enough to enter and we are pleased to include them to our workplace

To hear something be called “the new oil” isn’t seldom these days. Usually comparisons like these are castles in the air and pure wishful thinking. But if there is anything to defend this comparison, it has to be the combination of innovative IT-solutions and future-oriented environmental strategies.

«Dokken» could be the largest urban development project in Norway after Bjørvika. The dock in Bergen could hold 3500 dwellings and 8000 workplaces. A new study of possibility to be presented of the contributors who carries critical experience and practice in successful urban development.