Our new Mad interns

Meet the new interns Erik, Aurora, Eva and Sophie.

They are a mix of students that have been studying in cities like Trondheim, Stockholm, London and Barcelona. All of them seem to have found their places at the office where they also have been placed to contribute on different projects.

The new interns are Erik Rønneberg, Aurora Andersen Hilde, Eva Bakke Negård and Sophie Flinder. This week they are learning our programs, our routines and our ideals.

«A good friend of mine was an intern here last year and she heartily recommended Mad, so I didn’t hesitate to apply for the intern position!» says Aurora.

“I’m looking forward to start to work! There’s a lot of details in every project, so I have to get started!” says Eva, who loves that she already has gotten some responsibility.


We are looking forward to be working with you this year. But guys, don’t be practicing too much football, you might beat us!