Our new MAD CEO + partners

19 years ago MAD was founded by Nicolai Riise, Trond Elverum and Kurt Singstad. Since then MAD has expanded with offices in Bergen, and are now a company of 40 employees with a solid reputation within the architectural scene.

2016 has been an exciting year for MAD, filled with inspiring projects and transformation. Recently four of our colleagues became partners and have now joined Nicolai, Trond and Kurt in the Oslo office. We congratulate Kyrre Sundal, Rune Engesbak, Åshild Bjørvik and Jonny Klokk.

Jonny Klokk, one of our new partners, has not noticed a dramatic change regarding his new role so far.

– It’s still quite new, and so far I haven’t noticed a dramatic change. MADs company structure has always been quite flat, so in terms of responsibility and involvement there has always been good possibilities to have a say as an employee, he explains.

– But of course, with being a partner comes a deeper involvement in both the business and strategy side of the company as well as the everyday planning of the office, which I find both interesting and motivating. I’m excited about what the future will bring, and I’m really looking forward to contributing in the further development of the company, he says.

Åshild Bjørvik is not only a partner in the firm but she is also our new CEO as of November 1st.

– It’s a huge and exciting task, but the MAD-team is brilliant, which makes me feel safe. With high professional knowledge combined with a unique working environement, and the fact that we have a lot of fun at work, makes me very eager to start, says Bjørvik.

We asked her what her favourite project was, and she answered:

"The MAD-building. Because it so clearly illustrates how our architecture always are tailored closely to the plot, city and street level"

Today, MAD has Nicolai Riise as group CEO, Åshild Bjørvik as CEO in Oslo, and Rune Engesbak CFO.

MAD Bergen has Lars Clementsen Pedersen as CEO.