This semester our study trip went to London. Why you ask? Because London is a city that inspires!

The Barbican, Tate Modern, King's Cross and Serpentine Gallery are just some of the architectural delights we visited during our stay.

Since we planned to visit King’s Cross we couldn’t do without checking in at the hotel that were designed by the same architects who had the masterplan of King’s Cross, Allies and Morrison. We’re talking about the South Place Hotel, which is a hotel we highly recommend.

We appreciated the guided tour at Ely Court by Nelson Carvalho from Alison Brooks Architects and the tour at Trafalgar Place guided by Philip Marsh and Steven Wallis from DRMM Architects.

Thank you so much for your hospitality!

And many thanks to Tomas Stokke from Haptic Architects who showed us some of the many pleasures you may find in London City, here at King's Cross

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Allison Brooks Architects are showing us their housing project at Ely Court. @alisonbrooksarchitects #elycourt #architecture #architecturelovers #madlondon2016

Instagram: @madarkitekter

The last supper of #madlondon2016 . This MAD crew is the best! Many thanks to @southplacehotel for having us! #architecture #londonlife #architecture #madaboutarchitecture