MAD about Barcode book release!

Save the date! The 10th of September, BARCODE – Instant City the book is set to launch at Oslo Architecture Triennale. This is the first book to document one of Oslo’s most daring architectural and urban projects of resent years.





The Author of the book, Hans Ibelings, will along with a presentation of the book lead an engaging discussion with the architects, developer, and key individuals who made Barcode possible.

And for you who aren’t 100% sure of who the key individuals of the Projects are, dont worry, here’s the list!
Oslo S Utvikling (OSU), Geir Haaversen (A-LAB), Øyvind Breen and Gerhard Linder (DARK), Marianne Seatre (Snøhetta), Nicolai Riise (MAD arkitekter), Einar Hagem and Per Suul (Lund Hagem), and Erling Fossen (urbanist og bydoktor).

You can read about the MAD-building here.