Mad about Stavanger

We have opened our third office in Norway, placed in the beautiful city of Stavanger!

The city is going through an economic recession due to the global economic market linked to the offshore oil industry, which is the main industry for the region. The market value on housing is increasing whilst the city is experiencing a decline in people moving to the area. Despite all this, MAD can see possibilities for the city, and opened a new office January the 2nd 2017.

– Back in the day when the big oil adventure in Stavanger people flocked to the city, hastily building houses and buildings that led to ad-hoc infrastructure within the regions outside the city.
We now stand before a less pressured housing market, and the citizens can now be more selective. Now is the opportunity to have a greater focus on better development and quality. As architects we are trained to see possibilities, and right now that’s all we can see! says Per Fretheim, CEO Mad Stavanger.

Per Fretheim( CEO Mad Stavanger) and Lars Clementsen (CEO Mad Bergen)

– We want to work with projects that contribute to a healthy growth for the region. We wish to focus our expertise on projects in the city centre and densification around transport axes. How to choose the locations for new jobs, housing, social institutions and the connection between these is vital for accessibility, continues Fretheim.

Updated statistics say the numbers for unemployment have stabilised. Many firms are hiring staff again, which indicates a strong optimism in the market.

– It has been quiet for too long now in Stavanger! I have faith in this, says Fretheim.

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