Mad about Dokken

In Norway, Bjørvika in Oslo – including Barcode and Sørenga – is the only projects that can compare with the same dimensions as “Dokken”. The Bergen dock area is 249 decares which opens the possibility for a modern urban development of residential, business, park, commute and energy sufficient systems.

The study of possibility «Visjon Dokken» will be presented today (1.des 2015) at the conference Eiendom 2015. Behind the studies are EGD Property, OBOS, MAD Arkitekter, Asplan Viak og Probiz. The vision for Bergen center is still relevant, but today we are promoting the plans from the CEOs, which enlightens the practical experience of successful projects that includes Fornebu, Nydalen and Kværnerbyen in Oslo.

«MAD Architects have broad experience in building and making visions real. Media CityBergen was first a vision and is now in the final step of being built. «Visjon Dokken» is demonstrating the possibility that Bergen can be made real and be built», says Lars Clementsen Pedersen, senior architect in MAD Architects.

The initiative to start «Visjon Dokken» was made based on the manifest «10 på 10» that has an ambition of building 10.000 new dwellings in the city center within the next 10 years. To be successful, both local, regional and governmental authorities must find solutions and collaborate with Bergen builders and building planners. For Bergen to successfully handle the expected growth in population, it is important that we also make space for new dwellings in the city center. OBOS has years of experience in archiving good urban residential development. «We are actively engaged and ready to play a leading role in the urban development in Bergen», says Stein Klakegg, region director in OBOS.

The role of Bergen city center has throughout centuries been challenged both as a residential and trade center. More dwellings and businesses in the city center is necessary to promote the city center as a natural focus point and will merit the life in the whole regional area. The Bergen development at the dock will promote good urban residential quality, international education- and research environment, modern business buildings including cultural- and trade offers. Everything within the parameters of a sustainable city area.

The urban development at «Dokken» is relying on the cargo port at the dock to move elsewhere. The initiative does not take a stand on where a future cargo port should be moved, but the «Visjon Dokken» has a suggestion for a new dock to accommodate Hurtigruten, ferries and cruise chips. This opens the possibility for the city to stretch all the way down to the sea line and large areas can be utilized for urban city purpose.