West and Straightforward

It’s been one year since Mad’s office in Stavanger opened for business. They were prepared for a lot of unpaid work, pitches and to participate in a lot of competitions. But since day one, Mad Stavanger acquired an ample number of projects from both local municipalities and private businesses.

Erik A. Oma, Espen Vik, Kirsten Welschemeyer and Per Fretheim


– We have an incredibly busy schedule. In 2017 we worked on 18 projects, says architect, CEO and partner in Mad Stavanger, Per Fretheim.

– We’re privileged to work on such exciting and ambitious projects, both in Stavanger and Sandnes. The key to our success might be the timing and our focus on competence. We’ve also been working collaboratively with our clients, says Fretheim.

– We’ve been designing a lot of complex urban development projects, with a focus on densification in central areas in the region of Rogaland, says Kirsten Welschemeyer, an architect and partner in Mad Stavanger. Kirsten also teaches urban planning at the University of Stavanger and is highly competent within her expertise of urbanism and regional planning.

Mad Stavanger is currently working on 4 public projects for various municipalities, including Hå, Sandnes and Hjelmeland.

Visualization of the project Brynegarden

From 1 to 5 employees

Fretheim started planning Mad Stavanger during the autumn of 2016.

– I contacted Lars Pedersen in Mad Bergen. He immediately liked the idea of starting a new office in the region. He put me in contact with Nicolai Riise, partner and Group CEO at Mad, where we agreed to open a presence in Stavanger.

That Christmas, Mad Stavanger landed their first client, and in January 2017 the office had already 2 employees.

Fretheim had engaged architect Erik Aasberg Oma. They both immediately started to draw a ten-storey high apartment building as an add-on to an existing bank development in Stavanger centre. The detailed zoning is ongoing.

– It will be one of the finest buildings recently developed in the city, says Fretheim regarding the project.

– We’re using the existing roof of the low rise to create greenery, and it will be expanded towards an existing parking lot adjacent to St. Olavs street. We’re confident that the master plan will contribute to creating a valuable and improved area.

Visualization of Nærbø center

Visualization from the future vision-project for Hjelmeland municipality

Match point

In April 2017 both Kirsten Welschemeyer and Espen Vik joined the team and became partners.

The one-year-old office now totals five employees in total, and there’s potential for further growth.

– Although we met by coincidence, our team has been a perfect match, says Fretheim.

– And we’re always looking for more skilled and ambitious talent to join our team, says Welschemeyer.

Mad Stavanger moved into new larger offices on February 1st.

The office is still located in the vibrant east part of Stavanger centre, within the Innovation Dock on Kvitsøygata 30.