Trygve Lies Square

Trygve Lies Square A catalyst for change

Project information

Architect mnal, partner

Kyrre Sundal

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Our proposal of Trygle Lies Square will keep the multinational local community engaged in its augmentation, likewise for the potential investors and property developers of Furuset. In this way, the creation of the square can act as its own catalyst for change.

This proposal was selected as one of four winners in stage 1 of the competition.


Trygve Lies Square is a place for Being – to hang out, to meet, to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun. It is a place for doing – for play, for recreation and for events. Trygve Lies Square is also a place for movement – for walking, cycling and public transport that seamlessly transitions from one to another. The name for our scheme is “CYCLE” because we have identified cycling as the “missing link” in a successful mobility strategy for the area. Our scheme promotes cycling as a form for play, recreation and mobility.
Adjusted to the seasons, Trygve Lies Square will have a multi purposed use. During summer, a stage will hold concerts, and during winter a large Christmas tree can be placed at the square. It can also be added a playground, a tribune, a skating, an Ice skating, or/and a pétangue zone, and a garden.

International interaction

Trygve Lies Square has an international identity due to the residents diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Our proposal provides a relatively neutral space for residents to express their identities in the public realm. International means more than just living side by side, and our proposal encourages interactions between people with different backgrounds.

Reuse of materials and the establishing of a circular economy are key themes in sustainable architecture and urbanism


The continuous surface without borders allows a seamless follow of movement. In the following stage it may be interesting to consider to use a collage of reused materials from around the world for creation of surfaces on the square. Reuse of materials and the establishing of a circular economy are key themes in sustainable architecture and urbanism, and it’s also preferable to recycling as it’s significantly more climate friendly for many materials.


Follow the story of Mara, the girl who grew up in Trygve Lies Square:

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