Nygaardsplassen The City Repair

Project information
Cityplan AS v/ Sander Grundvig

Managing architect

Trond Elverum

+47 415 01 003


Fredrikstad embodies the plot Nygaardsplassen. After decades of demolition of historical buildings made Nygaardsplassen into a hole. The city responded by making the plot into an introverted mall, cut off from the vibrant city life. Our project disregards this plan and we look at the task as a repair of the city.

"The design comprises oak window framing, and reused bricks from demolished constructions for the façades"

Strengthening the city

Nygaardsplassen is completely framed with city façades. In addition there is a new passage that binds Nygaardsplassen with Fredrikstads most central space, Stortorvet.

The first floors accommodates coffee shops, restaurants and delicatessens that includes everything from baked goods to fresh meats and fish. The remaining floors consists of flats where residents and beverage outlets strengthens Fredrikstad center as a multifunctional space.

The planned buildings are divided in different sizes approximately to the original parcelling you’ll find in Fredrikstad. The design comprises oak window framing, and reused bricks from demolished constructions for the façades.

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Instagram: @madarkitekter

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