Nydalen Wave

Nydalen Wave Surfs up!

Project information
Terje Skulstad

Project contact

Emil Pira

+47 908 67 372


Mad arkitekter were invited by Terje Skulstad to make a design facilitating an artificial wave in the river Akerselva in Oslo, a wave that will make it possible to surf in the urban context of Nydalen!

The artificial wave is created by a funnel in the river, directing the water towards an underwater wing system which shapes the wave. The proposed materials are Corten steel and wood, creating a strong and lasting design well affiliated to the surroundings.

There are stairs on both sides of the river, creating both an amphitheatre for the public and a smooth transition between the river and its urban context. In the case of high water, float pontoons will support the stairs so they may easily follow the water levels.

By expanding the existing bridge, we create enough space for people to stop and gaze at the surfers, while people on their way to the subway are not interrupted.

This project is a unique urban insertion in Oslo. It builds on a potent element in the urban context, helping to streamline and focus the disordered urban structure in Nydalen. It´s all about fun and diversity, and about taking advantage of the possibilities a city river like Akerselva can give. A unique attraction in Nydalen!

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